Welcome to the example-doc documentation!

This project serves as an example project to demonstrate how to use the sphinx documentation generator for Python and provide a template to make starting out easier.

How to prepare the template and get started

If you do not know how to write .rst, you should have a look at a tutorial or a reference first: Restructured Text Reference:

How to set up your Table of Contents

Have a look at our starting code from the index.rst

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1
   :caption: Example


This directive will tell sphinx to generate a table of contents automatically. Right after the toctree directive we are passing three options:

  • :maxdepth: This restricts the generator to only dive into the tree by the number of levels you configure here.

  • :glob: This is an important option to set, in order to make the generator recursively pick up all .rst files using wildcards

  • :caption: This sets a headline for the entire table of contents. It should probably be your project name.

  • After setting the options you must leave a blank line before configuring the paths to your .rst files. In our case we use an asterisk, but you can specify exact paths here as well.

Indices and tables